From the evidence here, one can safely conclude that Balog comes across as a highly intelligent and sensitive interpreter who possesses a formidable technique. /

Recording of the month in June




József Balog is a perfect Liszt-pianist with an excellent sense of nuance, timing, and timbre. He is able to produce an orchestral sound from the grand piano. His CD “Liszt on Erard” undeniably revives the young Liszt. Liszt himself would have been proud of József Balog if he could have been there! /



Liszt Grand Prix du Disque 2005



"József Balog develops beautiful sound and plays poetically."

 / Utrechts Nieuwsblad /


"He made very deep impression showing wonderful technical skills, musical sensibility and interesting interpretative ideas. Jozsef Balog is a very interesting pianist who has a serious artistic future."

/ Oleg Marshev - pianist /